‘Onwards to Hawick and Carlisle’ says CBR

In its sixth and final press release in a month-long programme of publicity, CBR has called for a renewed push to extend the line southwards from Tweedbank to Hawick and Carlisle. Reflected in our new slogan – ‘building on success’ – we expect the popularity of the Borders Railway to boost the case for further rail reinstatement.

For the full release, see: CBR new Press Release 6


2 Responses

  1. Double track on any extension is essential. There are already ‘pathing’ delays on the single track sections of the Borders Railway. Nevertheless, single track is better than no track!

  2. Just back from a break in Melrose during which I visited the new station at Tweedbank. I was pleased to see it so busy but disappointed that there didn’t appear to be even a kiosk selling refreshments and the lack of bins for security purposes was a bit OTT. Delighted to see the line open of course, but puzzled why it didn’t continue the extra mile or so to Melrose? That would be a more natural and appealing terminus as an area of great tourist attraction, to say nothing of the advantages to the rugby fraternity and of course to the locals. Sincerely hope you succeed in getting the line extended further.

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