CBR argues for through link to Carlisle

CBR has responded to the Scottish Government’s draft National Planning Framework 3, noting that the reinstatement of the Borders to Carlisle link is supported by the South East Scotland Strategic Development Plan. CBR argues that, in the interests of joined-up policy – and for the region to truly prosper – the extension of the railway should be adopted as a ‘National Development’ in NPF3. For details, see links below.




CBR responds to Network Rail market study

CBR has responded to Network Rail’s draft Long Distance Market Study for consultation (see link below). Key points raised by CBR were:

1. Is NR’s analysis model perhaps overly biased towards flows where reasonable long-distance rail services already exist, unlike the situation in the Central Borders?

2. The study should treat the Scottish Borders as a ‘single economic area analogous to a city-region’ in the same way that the North Wales Coast or Cornwall have been.

3. Subsequent stages of the study should carefully examine the case for reinstatement of the Carlisle–Borders–Edinburgh link as a more cost effective means of addressing Anglo-Scottish capacity problems in the shorter term.

130627 LTPP-LDMS CBR Response