Late March 2011 at Newcraighall

Work is well under way to form the connection between Network Rail and the Borders Railway at Newcraighall. Here’s three images of the work by Network Rail’s contractors to realign the turnback siding at Newcraighall. It will form the connection to the Borders Railway itself – the latter will be neither owned nor maintained by Network Rail.


2 Responses

  1. The fact that this new (rather reopened) line is NOT to be owned & maintained by Network Rail (an organisatiion seeming in constant turmoil,re-organisations, staff leakage, poor morale & high costs) is potentially exciting & good news.

    A smaller,more accountable organisation with positive Management and a ‘can do approach’ with realistic and fundable LOWER costs bodes well.

    This could be the catalyst for future rail reopenings happening more easily; hopefully in the case of the Borders the line being reopened southwards to Melrose & St Boswells initially.

  2. What a disappointingly poor perception of NR. I’m proud to work for them, and the organisation described above isn’t the one I know. My staff have great morale, are well motivated and want to work for NR: they tell me that themselves each year in our engagement survey. Costs continue to come down and we regularly bring in some very complex projects on time and on budget.

    And talking about the rest of the Waverley Route, its me and the boys down at Whitrope that started putting the rails back first, on a tuppence ha’penny budget often funded out our own pockets.

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